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Free Online Photography Magazine [Free Stuff]

26 Jun

Looking for inspiration or just interested in keeping up with some tips and tricks of photography, PhotographyBB is a cool, free, online magazine.

PhotographyBB Magazine - the also have a great online community!

Check out their community (forums) for more information and photographic challenges.

Improve Your Photographic Craft [eBooks]

20 Jun

Good, cheap eBook reference PDFs for a variety of Photographic topics are available at the Craft & Vision website.

Most (if not all) go for USD% – making these a good reference at an affordable price.

Topics include:

  • VISION IN MOTION, A Photographer’s  Introduction to Digital Video
  • Ten Ways To Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involves Buying Gear.
  • Chasing The Look – 10 Ways to Improve The Aesthetics of Your Photographs.
  • Below The Horizon, Understanding Light at the Edges of Day

The above are just some of the titles for this collection – you should head across to the Craft & Vision website to see the full range.

Craft & Vision eBooks

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