BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 12: Motion

13 Apr

Day 12: Motion - stealing the cookie! [version 2]

Day 12: Motion - stealing the cookie! by OzLady

I’m late on this challenge topic – motion (Day 12 of the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge). However when I received these gingerbreads from my friend’s mother (see yesterday’s story), I couldn’t resist stealing one. That gave me inspiration for my missing ‘motion’ photo, and here it is above!



Other ‘Motion’ Photos

There are really some stunning photos about motion and movement. The technique for this is a little hard. Some use long exposure (like mine), while others use panning and other techniques where they move the camera.

See some of the amazing motion-inspired photos below, and check out my Motion gallery on Flickr.

2/52 - It's Raining Men!

2/52 - It's Raining Men! by ξωαŋ ThΦt

number 9

number 9 by Dan65


clix by D

Tube Monster!

Tube Monster! by Nurse Kate

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 13: Food

13 Apr

‘Food’ is the topic for Day 13 in the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge. I know I’ve missed Day 12 – it’ll come later, as it was inspired by today’s food, and I was busy yesterday catching up from my headache over the weekend. :-(

My ‘Food’ Photo

Today’s photo is inspired by two gifts I received today. One is coffee from Vietnam, sourced by my friend Jen’s family, and the other are homemade gingerbread, baked by her husband’s mother in Austria. Jen and Gotty are wonderful friends and I feel very special receiving these treats from their mothers.

Food - thanks to Gotty & Jen's Mums!

Food - thanks to Gotty & Jen's Mums! by OzLady

My photo was inspired by the sentiment behind it. If you’re lacking inspiration, perhaps you can check out some of the photos at my Flickr Gallery on Food, or see the ones below.

Autumn Corn Nuggets - Fall Nature

Autumn Corn Nuggets - Fall Nature by Batikart

Working in a sea of green

Working in a sea of green by B℮n

the fisheye aisle

the fisheye aisle by tomms

Beef Noodles

Beef Noodles by TGKW

Motion [Inspiration]

12 Apr

Motion is probably one of my hardest techniques to master. I’m not great with moving subjects, or with moving the camera to create a sense of motion.

For this topic, I am seeking inspiration, and I thought I’d share some of the examples I have found. I hope they are useful to anyone else shooting motion and needing some inspiration and assistance with technique.

long exposure can create a feeling of motion

Good luck! Hope you get a truly ‘moving’ photo (pun intended). :-)

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 11: Household Item

12 Apr

Day 11 in the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge has ‘Household Item’ as the challenge topic. I work from home, so it was relatively easy for me to prowl around the apartment to get a photo, but not as easy to try and take something truly unique.

As usual, I turned to Flickr for some inspiration.

Photos of Household Items

Here are some samples of some household items that I found on Flickr.


Household by sarah ketelaars


stacked by elliequent


Toothbrush by hddod


365:73 by Ryan Howell

A Place

A Place by scraff1967

My ‘Household Item’

Day 11: Household Item [Shoes]

Day 11: Household Item (Shoes) by OzLady

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 10: Technology

12 Apr

I love technology, and I’m glad that the word for Day 10 in the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge was this topic!

My Technology Pic

I have gone with something very traditional with my shot for today – a simple photo of technology that I love – Bluetooth! One of my favourite things is to plug in my iPhone or my MacBook Air, Bluetooth it to use my stereo as speakers, and away I go with my favourite tunes! Pictured here is how I configure it with my iPhone.

Day 10: Technology

Day 10: Technology (Bluetooth Sound) by OzLady

Doing research and finding other technology pics led me into many worlds of what people have included under the heading ‘technology’. These included cameras, energy (think solar and wind), satellites, computers (with Apple being a favourite photo subject), transportation, and technology meeting nature. It’s really inspiring what people shoot.


Below are a series of technology photos taken by others. I’ve included links to these at the bottom of the post. You can view them individually by clicking on these links, or go to my Flickr Gallery on Technology to see them and others.

Photos Inspired by the word 'technology'

Photos Inspired by the word 'technology'

1. Rhythm of technology, explored!, 2. reach in and reach out, 3. Pedagaggi Wind Turbines, 4. Rollei Days~, 5. Old technology, 6. (Leica + Rollei + Carl Zeiss + Voigtlander) X Rangefinder, 7. Genuine technology* // Thanks for 6.000 total visits!, 8. Emotional Storage, 9. WASHED UP OLD TECHNOLOGY CONCEPT, 10. Geeks, 11. Butterfl-iPod, 12. Connecting the community, my Twitter strategy, and American Airlines at DFW, 13. Windmills of Change, 14. Reflected

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12 Apr


BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 9: Texture

09 Apr

Today’s Blessed Beyond Words Photo Challenge topic is ‘texture’.

It was an interesting day to do this, as normally you would look at a texture and think “that’s nice,” and possibly take a photo of it, straight on. This is what I did here:

Texture - a boring perspective

Texture - a boring perspective

It’s ok as photos go, but flat. You can see it’s a floor. So what?

I did some reading about Point of View today. Specifically it was Light Stalking’s article on What’s your point of view. This changed my perspective today and made me think. Yes this is a texture. One of a tiled floor. But how can I express my point of view?

So I changed my perspective.

Day 9: Texture

Day 9: Texture by OzLady

So now you can see my perspective. This is a bit of texture – a tiled floor in a shopping centre. OK – I get that it ain’t a Pulitzer Prize winning photo, but for me this simple exercise created a more interesting photo than I normally would have taken – looking down at the object. From now on I’ll be getting over, under and around things to try and get a perspective that communicates more about what I am seeing.

And if you want to see some other photos with texture, check out this gallery.

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 8: Where I Live

09 Apr

Yesterday was a flat out day, and dearest woke me up early with lights and TV blaring this morning, so I decided that I would complete yesterday’s challenge in the Golden Hour this morning (if you are not sure what the Golden Hour is, read more about it on Wikipedia).

Today’s topic on the Blessed Beyond Words 30-Day Photo Challenge is ‘Where I Live’.

I live in Singapore, and one of the fabulous things about where I live are the leafy boulevards. I’m not great at land and street -scapes, but one of the things that caught my eye this morning was the glass that one of my neighbours has on the top of his fence. This is a very old home, from when the other side of my street used to be a beach (it’s all reclaimed land now), and back in the 50s & 60s using this sort of defense for your home was a normal thing. I’m not sure how legal it is these days, but it made for some interesting photos.

My ‘Where I Live’ Photo

Where I Am

Where I Am by ☼zlady

If you want to see other places where people live, visit my ‘Where I Live’ Flickr gallery. Some of the photos from this gallery are featured below.

Wanna be in a picture ?..:)))

Wanna be in a picture ?..:))) by Katarina 2353

The Eye of the Rice paddies

The Eye of the Rice paddies by NaPix

Where I live

Where I live by blinkingidiot

No. 3 - The Corner

No. 3 - The Corner by "junga"

On The Street Where You Live

On The Street Where You Live by Ronaldo F Cabuhat

BBW 30-Day Challenge – Day 7: Macro [Up close]

07 Apr

On the BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge, today’s word is macro.

Macro photography is close-up photography of usually very small subjects. The classical definition is that the image projected on the “film plane” (i.e., film or a digital sensor) is close to the same size as the subject. (from Wikipedia) In a lot of cases (as you can see from the examples below), the final photograph can be larger than the actual photo subject. This is often the focus of macro photography these days.

I don’t have a macro lens, so I used one of my lenses with a fish-eye filter on the end. This allowed me to get close enough to the subjects so that they would appear large in the final photograph. It was an interesting challenge from a technical perspective.

My ‘Macro’ Photo

Day 7: Macro [attempt 1]

Macro gekko, by ozlady

There are a lot of groups on Flickr, and inspired people who have the patience to wait out various bugs, beetles and insects in order to get some truly spectacular (and in some cases creepy) photos. I hope you enjoy them, and as usual, more are available in my Flickr Macro Gallery.



Papilio machaon

Papilio machaon by giuseppedr

Macro Spider Eyes

Macro Spider Eyes by aroon_kalandy




Chat by Ilyes Hocine


Unititled by Rundstedt B. Rovillos

BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge – Day 6: Shadows [Sumatra Shadow Puppet]

06 Apr

Today word in the BBW 30-Day Photo Challenge is shadows. Shadows are interesting – they follow us everywhere, and they make for some very dramatic effects.

My ‘Shadows’ Photos

I’ve had this doll for almost fifteen years, and she’s been in a box the whole time. She’s from Sumatra, and is a shadow puppet. I’ve meant to have her on display for ages, so today after photographing her for this assignment, I’ve given her a permanent position in our home. Isn’t she stunning?

Below are one in colour, and other in black and white. I couldn’t decide in the end, so I’ve included both.

Sumatra Shadow Puppet

Sumatra Shadow Puppet

Day 6: Shadows [Sumatra Shadow Puppet]

Day 6: Shadows (Sumatra Shadow Puppet) in Black & White

Other Shadow-Inspired Photos

I love some of the shadow-inspired photography that I’ve seen on the web, and I’ve included a sample below.

White Shadow

White Shadow by *CA*

Cuba Gallery: Sheep / running / New Zealand / animals / lighting / green / grass / shadow / landscape / wildlife / nature / trees / amazing / lightroom / photography

Cuba Gallery: Sheep / running / New Zealand / animals / lighting / green / grass / shadow / landscape / wildlife / nature / trees / amazing / lightroom / photography by ►CubaGallery

shadow walkers

shadow walkers by HaleyHyatt

shadows are the best of friends- day 111/365

shadows are the best of friends- day 111/365 by maddie717

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band by Girla Obscura

Also, check out the Shadows Gallery on Flickr.

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